The organization has a vast exposure of the training in the field of IT & other livelihood programmes:-

  1. Exposure of Training in Computer Software/Hardware/Web designing/Modern Secretarial Practice/DTP as vocation study centre of NIOS for the following courses:-
  1. Certificate in Computer Application (CCA) – Accreditation letter No. NIOS/DIR/(Voc)/AL(CCA) /2002 dated 17/12/2002  
  1. Certificate in Secretarial Practice (PA/PS), –Accreditation letter No. NIOS/DIR/(Voc)/AL/Typewriting, Stenography  2002 dated 17/12/2002  
  1. Diploma in Modern Secretarial Practice
  2. Certificate in Basic Computing           – Accreditation letter no. NIOS/VED/Accrd/840005
  3. Certificate in Web Designing  dated 22 July 2005             
  4. Certificate in Computer Hardware Assembly & Maintenance                   – Accreditation letter no.NIOS/SSS(VE)/AAC-79/2010/
  1. Certificate in Web Designing 128 dated 02 Nov 2010
  2. Certificate in Advance Web Designing
  3. Exposure of running Government Sponsored Training – VTP for Skill Development Initiative  Programme under DGET, Govt. of India