Objectives of CSC-

The above-mentioned scheme is implemented in PPP (Public Private Partnership) Framework. Some of the major attributes of this scheme are:

  • Emphasis on entrepreneurship in rural areas
  • Offering services to the private sector as well
  • Community needs are given special importance
  • Playing an important role in the development of rural India and offering livelihoods
  • Offers to act as an agent to numerous Government and Non Government services
  • One-stop solution for various G2C and B2C Services.

One CSC will cover 6 villages, which is approximately 6,00,000 villages.


Structure of CSC-

The PPP model will be based on 3- tier structure-

  1. The State Designed Authority will be responsible for managing and implementing the CSC services across the state.
  2. The Service Center Agency (SCA) under the guidance of the owner of CSC will set up the CSC and will also decide the locations for Common Service Centre. This will play a role in promoting the CSC in rural area through numerous promotion campaigns, which will be carried out at the state or local level. The SCA is accountable for the 500-1000 CSCs operating under him.
  3. The Village Level Entrepreneur is the CSC Operator. 6 Villages will fall under him.