CourseSubject OfferedScheme of Studies

Hindi(201), English(202), Bengali(203), Marathi(204), Telugu(205), Urdu(206), Gujarati(207), Kannada(208), Sanskrit(209), Punjabi(210), Assamese (228),Nepali(231), Malayalam(232), Odia(233), Arabic (235),Persian (236), Tamil (237),Sindhi (238
*Mathematics(211),*Science and Technology(212), Social Science(213), Economics(214), Business Studies(215), *Home Science(216), *Data Entry Operation(E)(229), Psychology (222), Indian Culture & Heritage (223), *Painting (225),*Data Entry Operations (229), Accountacy (224),*Hindustani Music (242),*Carnatic Sangeet(243)

Indian Knowledge Tradition #

#Veda Adhyan (245), #Sanskrit Vyakaran (246), #Bharatiya Darshan (247), #Sanskrit Sahitya (248 

  • Five Subjects with at least one language or at most two languages.
  • Minimum of five subjects.
  • Two additional subject can also be taken.
  • The Learners are however advised to select the subjects as per their future plan of study and work.
  • Minimum one and Maximum two language subjects from group A are permissible for certification. However, third language can be offered as an additional subject.
Senior Secondary

Hindi(301), English(302), Bangla (303), Tamil (304), Odia (305), Urdu(306), Gujarati (307), Sanskrit (309), Punjabi (310)
Mathematics(311), *Home Science(321), Psychology(328), *Geography(316), Economics(318), Business Studies(319), *Painting (332), *Data entry Operation(336) 

Indian Knowledge Tradition#

Veda Adhyan#(345),Sanskrit Vyakaran#(346),Bharatiya Darshan#(347),Sanskrit Sahitya#(348)

*Physics(312), History(315), *Library and Information Sc.(339),  *Enviornmental Science(333),
* Chemistry(313), Political Science(317),*Mass Communication (335),Military Studies(374)
*Biology(314), Accountancy(320),*Introduction to Law (338),Military History(375),

*Computer Science(330), Sociology(331),  Tourism(337),*Physical Education and Yog(373)
Learner can opt only one subject from each of Group C,D,E and F

  • Subjects with * have theory as well as practical works.